About the PAF

How To Reach Us:
Prostate Awareness Foundation
Ken Malik - Executive Director
2166 12th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94116

Board of Directors:
Robert Gumpertz, California
Tom Hyde, Florida
Ralph Lake, Texas
Doug Menelly. New York
Brad Neal, Texas
Jan Zlotnick, California

Advisory Board

Friends & Benefactors

Mission of the PAF


Support Group Meeting

Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness
Mt Cotapaxi
Ecuador, South America
June 15th-24th, 2009

Cancer Climb For Prostate Awareness Yosemite High Country August 3 - 8, 2008

Cancer Climb For Prostate Awareness
Mt Kilimanjaro,
Tanzania, Africa
September 18-23, 2008

Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness, Mont Blanc, France/Italy/Switzerland, September 2007

Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness, Mt. Elbert, Colorado, USA, August 2006

Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness, El Misti, Peru, August 2005

Yosemite Prostate Cancer Climb, Hike & Gathering, Sept. 2004

Mt Kilimanjaro Prostate Cancer Climb 2003


Monthly Bulletins

Prostate Self Help Newsletter - Winter '06

Prostate Self Help Newsletter - Summer '05

Prostate Self Help Newsletter - Fall '04

Prostate Self Help Newsletter - Spring '04

Press Releases

Prostate Biopsy May Spread Prostate Cancer Cells

Clinical Information

Prostate Cancer Research Institute 2008 / Symposium Recap - Jan Zlotnick

Additional Insights on the 2008 PCRI Symposium - Ken Malik

"Artemisinin - From Malaria to Cancer Treatment" - Robert Rowen, MD

"Health Benefits of Vitamin D for Prostate Cancer & Other Diseases"
William B. Grant, PhD

"Nutrition and Prostate Cancer" - Natalie Ledesma, MS, RD
UCSF Medical Center

"Risk Modifying Factors For Prostate & Other Cancers - Diet, Lifestyle & Sunshine"
William B. Grant, PhD

Chronic Disease Management of Early Stage Prostate Cancer - Ronald Wheeler, MD
Prospective Study on Benefits
Patient Data
Press Release

Early Stage Prostate Cancer - Do We Have A Problem With Over-Dectection, Overtreatment Or Both?
Peter R. Carroll, MD
Dept of Urology
School of Medicine

PSA Era in the United States is Over
Thomas Stamey, MD


Health Prostate & Ovary Formula Anecdotal Trial Recap

Maca Trial Results

Keys to Prostate Health

Effective Aggressive Watchful Waiting Protocol


Artemisinin Administration

Diagnosis FAQ

How to talk with your doctor

Helpful Links

Watchful Waiting

Kilimanjaro Climb Website

Life Extention Foundation

Men Fighting Cancer Together

Prostate Health Center

Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI)

Prostate Cancer Overview

Prostate Institute of America

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