Cancer Climb, Trek & Gathering for

Prostate Awareness

Yosemite High Country 2014

There is still time to make a donation, or an additional year-end gift In support of the 2014 High Country Expedition!

You can support the mission of the Prostate Awareness Foundation and the Sustainable Prostate project by making a donation before December 31, 2014. For those who make a donation in the Memory of a Special Individual or in the Name of Someone Living with Cancer, the names of your loved ones will be added to the 2015 banner on the Prostate Awareness Foundation website.

PAF is using Paypal, which allows you to make a donation via your PayPal account or with a credit card. Click the link to see the list of climbers, then follow the prompts to make your generous tax deductible donation. It's fast, confidential and easy to use:

Or if you prefer, you can to mail a check to the PAF:

Prostate Awareness Foundation

PO Box # 2934

Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Your generous contribution is tax deductible and helps our non-profit to continue to reach men and their families with critically needed and reliable prostate health information. Last year, PAF reached 5,000 – 6,000 men and their families with non-biased information about prostate health issues. Our membership not only includes members in the United States but also Canada, Asia and Europe. We offer our most sincere thanks for your donations. Without your support and the contributions of other socially conscious individuals, PAF would simply not exist.

Does your company have a matching gift program?
Please ask them to contribute by supporting your elected payroll deductions with a tax deductible contribution. For reference PAF’s non-profit EIN # is 311633278. Some companies will make up to a 100% match. You may want to check with your employer to see if they are setup to do this.

What does the Prostate Awareness Foundation give to men and their families? Hope! Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to read this information. I think you will find it is important to you, your family, loved ones and friends.

Maybe you think you are too young to be worrying about your prostate, or maybe you’re a female so you don’t have to. But there is a real good chance the men you love have prostate concerns. It seems like every family these days is dealing or has dealt with a cancer diagnosis. Here are some startling facts about prostate cancer:

So what’s a man to do? That’s where the PAF comes in. Helping men and their families figure out what to do and helping them to adopt a proactive approach to prostate cancer treatment and prevention is what the PAF is all about. We offer a 24-hour hotline for those seeking information in the United States and abroad, weekly hikes, and monthly support groups in the San Francisco bay area and just north in Sonoma County. All PAF offerings are absolutely free. We do not accept contributions from Big Pharma or Big Medicine, that way we can provide unbiased information.

The PAF is unique in its integrative, proactive approach to prostate health and healing. We are a not for profit educational service that has been providing men and their families information, guidance and hope since 1995. Recent studies indicate adopting a prostate healthy diet, regular exercise and stress management techniques can slow disease progression. And in many cases eliminate early stage prostate cancer without aggressive intervention. We are happy to report that a number of men we talked to this year that have adopted the PAF sustainable prostate regimen have had recent negative biopsies that indicate they no longer have prostate cancer. (See Success Stories)

The PAF reached over 5,000 men last year with a message of hope. We need to do more. But we need your help to broaden our reach. PAF would like to expand diet and exercise program offerings to include prostate-friendly cooking classes. And, perhaps more urgently, the Foundation needs to update its nine year old website, create and distribute a new brochure and update its equipment infrastructure. That way we can help more men and their loved ones that need help weaving thru the prostate labyrinth.

Men and their families all over need to know they can take a proactive approach to sustaining their prostate health. The PAF provides free, non-biased, patient driven information to those who wish to take a take charge, positive approach to this epidemic problem.

Thanks for your generous support. Wishing you continued good health and well-being.


Ken1-300 Ken MalikPAF Founder, Executive Director 19-year prostate cancer