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The Prostate Awareness Foundation (PAF) offers information, support, and education about the treatment options available to those with prostate cancer. The object is to lessen the trauma, impact, problems, and depression associated with the disease, and to encourage proactive responsibility for one’s own healing. We also offer information to those with a family history of prostate cancer who wish to take a preventative approach to the disease.

PAF is different and unique in its approach to preventing and healing prostate cancer through its emphasis on a healthy life style, diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and stress reduction techniques. We believe in an integrative medical approach. Combining the best protocols from conventional and alternative medicine, giving men the opportunity to choose wisely, and be proactive in their healing.


The information contained on this website should not be considered medical advice. We do not prescribe. We offer you what we have learned over the years, as fellow prostate cancer veterans, with confidence that you can make your own choices.

For more information about PAF, call 415-675-5661 or e-mail

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