Success Stories

John Bohan
Story of John Bohan

It’s been several years since I was first diagnosed with PC. I am pretty sure cancer preceded the diagnosis by a few years as my first PSA was 5….More

Tom Lennon
San Francisco, CA
My Story by Tom Lennon

I was diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer over 5 years ago when I was 57 years old.

Jan & Quincy Zlotnick
Sebastopol, CA
Climbing Mt Shasta with My Father & The Prostate Awareness Foundation – Quincy Zlotnick

I signed two names. I signed two names, not in forgery or subterfuge or to practice penmanship. No, I signed two names because I climbed for two people. My father and I had planned to summit Mt Shasta together. We never foresaw one of us being forced to turn back…
Stefan & Kathy Parnay
Stefan & Kathy Parnay
Windsor, CA
Our Journey with Prostate Cancer – Kathy Parnay
It’s amazing how quickly your world changes when someone you love receives the dreaded cancer diagnosis. Everything stops…
Tim Englert
Tim Englert
Alameda, CA
Tim Englert Story
Three years ago I was diagnosed, by needle biopsy, with “early stage, low risk” prostate cancer, Gleason grade 3+3. Needless to say, my world started spinning after hearing that dreaded word…

Ken Malik
Ken Malik
Santa Rosa, CA
Ken Malik Story
Diagnosed at Stanford University Hospital April 1995 after recurrent prostatitis over a
period of 7 to 8 years. The tumors were palpable and confined to the prostate, with
involvement in both lobes…More
Mario Menelly
Mario Menelly
Mantaugh, NY
Mario Menelly’s (Taking Control of Your Destiny)
“Average Guy” Diagnosed at age 43 Married for almost 30 Years, with 3 Children Generally Active – Racquetball, biking, etc…More
Richard Cross
Richard Cross Story
Active 70+ Senior leading an active life…More