Ken Malik on the Dipsea Trail

Ken Malik - San Francisco, CA

Part of my personal prostate cancer protocol is staying in tip-top physical condition. The latest research indicates that men who have the most consistent exercise programs seem to have the least prostate disease progression. This has been my justification for continue mountain climbing at the ripe old age of sixty six. I have participated in all of the past Prostate Cancer climbs, sometimes I’ve made it to the top and sometimes I haven’t but they have all be personally gratifying experiences. I feel extremely fortunate that I still can get up a mountain.  I think that the healthy life style I have adopted to keep my cancer at bay has a lot to do with my ability to still participate in these fundraising and awareness building expeditions. 

This year, I’m hoping for three things to happen during the expedition: First that my aging body holds up to the rigors of another climb. Second, that our expedition will once again send an inspirational message to men and their families that there is an exciting life possible after a prostate cancer diagnosis. And finally, that the expedition will raise enough contributions to sustain the Prostate Awareness Foundation for another year.

I helped found the PAF back in 1995. The Foundation’s mission is to encourage men to take proactive responsibility for prevention, regular checkups and their prostate health. I am proud to have the opportunity to participate in this year’s expedition. Please help make our expedition a success by contributing in my behalf.  Your generous support is tax deductible.

Ken Malik is the co-founder and executive director of the Prostate Awareness Foundation and also a businessman in the San Francisco bay area. He is one of the team leaders of this year’s expedition.

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Joseph at the Top

Joseph Burke – Paris, France / Oakland, CA

As a hiking buddy of Ken Malik, I have always wanted to participate in one of the Cancer Climb & Trek for Prostate Awareness expeditions. I’m thrilled I have an opportunity to participate this year in my own “backyard”. 

As I’ve aged I’ve come to realize how important that taking a proactive approach to one’s health can be. I honor the work that the Prostate Awareness Foundation does in helping men take better care of themselves using diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques.

I look forward to the challenge that awaits us in the Alps.

Joseph was a long time resident of the San Francisco bay area and now lives in Paris with his wife Ingrid. He has an antique sales and consulting business and specializes in the Art Deco era.

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Ralph on the Trail

Ralph Lake - Austin, Texas

This will be my 8th expedition with the Prostate Awareness Foundation. I’m especially looking forward to this summer’s expedition as my daughter Stacy will be participating as well. It will be nice to share this experience with her while raising money and awareness for a really good cause. 

The annual Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness fundraising expeditions has been a great way to spread the message about early detection of this epidemic disease. It has also been a great way for me personally to stay in top physical condition.

My father and four uncles were diagnosed with cancer and most recently two good friends were told they have prostate cancer. It seems like there’s an epidemic going on.

My old high school classmate Ken Malik was diagnosed sixteen years ago with prostate cancer and I respect the way he has taken a proactive approach to stalling disease progression.

As a retiree, I don’t want to become another statistic. With the awareness I have gained about prostate health, I am taking a positive, proactive position in regard to prostate cancer prevention. I believe that awareness and personal action are key elements to prevention, early detection, and the early treatments that save lives.

Ralph Lake is a retired engineer and resides in Austin, Texas. He is on the board of directors of the Prostate Awareness Foundation. Ralph is an avid fisherman and has been an outdoorsman all his life. Once again this year, Ralph will be one the expedition leaders.

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Stacy Lake

Stacy Lake - Texas

My father, Ralph Lake, has been participating on the annual Cancer Climb & Trek for Prostate Awareness expeditions for a number of years and when he has told me about these adventures I have always wanted to be involved. This year is my opportunity. 

I’ve always been an avid hiker and outdoors person and I relish the opportunity to spend time with my dad while supporting a great organization like the Prostate Awareness Foundation.

I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister, niece and friend to men who are dear to me. With prostate cancer as prevalent as it is, I’m glad to do my part and help PAF spread awareness about prevention, early detection, treatment and surviving.

I really am looking forward to this challenging week in the Alps.

Stacy is a social worker and resides in Texas. She is fundraising for PAF as a team with her father Ralph.

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Rick & Lynette on the Bridge

Rick Mohovich – New JerseyLynette Fraser - Minnesota

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer over fourteen years ago. It has been quite a journey to say the least.  I began with a program of active surveillance, graduated to a radical prostatectomy as my PSA began to climb.  When that failed, I had a full round of radiation. My journey has brought me all over the United States to see some of the most renowned prostate specialists available. 

As with any journey, you pick up many supportive people along the way. One of these has been Ken Malik and the Prostate Awareness Foundation. I have been on seven Cancer Climbs and they have all been memorable experiences. These expeditions have brought me to some of the most amazing places on our planet. I have come to look forward to each year’s event. They not only have fulfilled my wanderlust, but the training required has helped me stay in excellent physical shape, one of the keys to maintaining prostate health.

I’m looking forward to this year’s expedition to the Alps. It’s a chance to see friends from past expeditions and meet new faces, while supporting an organization that offers men and their family’s sane council and proactive advice on prostate health.

Rick is a contractor in Northern New Jersey. He lives with his wife June and is the proud father of Shawn and Lynette, both who have participated on prior expeditions. Rick is a regular participant along with his son Shawn in “Make A Difference” an organization that helps repair and build homes after disasters like Katrina and the Haitian Earthquake.

Lynette Fraser is Rick’s Daughter. She is an airline pilot, marathon runner and loves the great outdoors. This is Lynette’s third Cancer Climb expedition and looks forward to supporting her father.

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Brad Neal - Austin, Texas

Brad will not be on this year’s expedition due to work and family commitments. But he has once again this year earmarked the proceeds from his annual Bone Invitational Golf Tournament to the PAF. Brad’s father has prostate cancer and his brother Tim passed away with advanced prostate cancer so the disease has special significance for him. Brad says “I will continue to help the cause while honoring my father and brother. While Tim accepted his fate with great resolve I want to do everything possible to prevent others from losing a friend, a father, a son or family member.” 

Brad is a mortgage broker and lives with his wife Theresa and daughter Sadie in Austin.
Brad conducts an annual golf tournament called the Bone Invitational to raise money for PAF.

Erdem Tamguney - California / Germany

I have chosen to participate in this year’s Cancer Climb to support the Prostate Awareness Foundation in its efforts to raise awareness for this terrible disease and to provide pathways for men and their families towards a healthier life. I strongly believe that an active and dietary balanced lifestyle may reduce the risk of developing prostate and any other type of cancer. Men are 40% more likely to develop cancer than women, and prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. Last year over 217,000 men were newly diagnosed with prostate cancer and over 32,000 men died of prostate cancer in the US alone.

This Cancer Climb will give me the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and to bond with new ones. Climbing mountains with cancer survivors is an inspirational experience.

I would like to dedicate this Cancer Climb to my friend Markus’s father, who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Erdem Tamguney is a neuroscientist and advisor to the Prostate Awareness Foundation. Erdem holds a second dan black belt in taekwondo, he is a certified rescue diver, marathoner, and also enjoys biking and snowboarding. This will be Erdem’s second Cancer Climb expedition; together with Joseph Burke he will be one of the official translators.