Glacier National Park




Sponsored By

The Prostate Awareness Foundation

August 13 to August 21, 2010

Once again this year the primary fundraiser for the PAF will be the annual Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness. I want to thank you for taking an interest in this year’s expedition. My name is Ken Malik; I’m a prostate cancer veteran of 15 years, the co-founder of the Prostate Awareness Foundation and its executive director. Previous fundraising expedition’s have visited Mt Aconcagua in the Argentine Andes, Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mt Blanc in the Alps, the Yosemite High Country, El Misti in Peru, Mt Cotopaxi in Ecuador, and Mt Massive and Mt Elbert in the Colorado Rockies. This year’s expedition to Glacier National Park is not a technical climb; however, these high altitude expeditions require you to be in good shape. Members of past expeditions have ranged in age from twenty five to seventy six years of age.

In August of 2010, we will be climbing and trekking in Glacier National Park in Montana. Participants can make a choice each day between an aggressive climb/trek and a more moderate venue. The fitness level of the group and weather conditions will dictate each day’s choice of activities. Both groups will enjoy the beauty of the Northern Rockies and the Continental Divide, while learning about prostate health and how to take a proactive part in prevention and healing.

For this year’s expedition to Glacier we hope to have a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 participants. We will have a mix of prostate cancer veterans, their families and concerned citizens that have an interest in eradicating this epidemic affliction. Once again this year, women are welcome to participate. All potential candidates will undergo a screening process by the PAF Climb Review Board to insure a proper fit with the goals, expectations and safety of the expedition.

Your reservation on this year’s expedition will be on a first come first in basis. We would like to have your commitment & deposit to participate by February 1st. This will allow us to create literature and promotional items and properly plan logistics. Space will be available after this date only if we do not reach our maximum goal of 20 expedition participants. Your early commitment will also allow you to put yourself in the required physical fitness level to ensure your success on the expedition and also allow you the time to reach your minimum fundraising requirement.

PAF is the organization for which we will all be donating our time and fund-raising energy. The foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, based in San Francisco, CA. All contributions you raise are tax deductible. You can visit for information about prior expeditions and the services that the foundation offers. We hope you will give serious consideration to taking part in this once in a lifetime adventure.

Please read the following information carefully. It will provide answers to many questions that you may have. After you read the information, please call me with any questions you have and or to sign up for the expedition. I can be reached at 415-661-2691 or email me at

We need your participation and support to help PAF remain a viable source of critically needed, non-biased information about prostate cancer healing and prevention.

Get involved. Give yourself something to brag about! Join us for a great adventure in one of the most beautiful places on the planet for a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Ken Malik

Itinerary: Hikes will vary in length and elevation gain. Most days we will be on the trail from 4-8 hours. Depending on weather and fitness levels, two choices will be available daily. Safety is our number one priority. We will have an early morning breakfast each day to maximize time on the trail. Breakfast and Dinner in the park will be at our hotels and will be paid for out of pocket. The hotels and the general store can provide lunch provisions. Consider bringing your own trail mix and trail food.

Friday, August 13th: Arrive in Spokane, WA. Stay at: Best Western Peppertree Airport Inn, 3711 South Geiger Blvd / 509-624-4655. Orientation meeting and gear check: 4pm.

(You will need to make your own reservation at the hotel for the beginning night and last night on the expedition, about $45 per night per person / Double occupancy. Call Ken for details.)

Saturday, August 14th: Early morning group van ride to Glacier Ntl Park / 5 hour trip. Lunch stop on the road. If time permits: Group afternoon hike to Avalanche Lake. 4 miles round trip / 500’ elevation gain. Lodgings @ Lake McDonald Lodge, about $70 per person / double occupancy. (we already have rooms reserved and will partner people up prior to the expedition).

Sunday, August 15th: Early start for an all day hike. Lodging @ Lake McDonald Lodge

Monday, August 16th: Early start. Drive along the Going to the Sun Road. Those who want to hike will do the Peigan Pass Trail / 12.8 miles to Many Glacier Hotel, 1,670’ elevation gain, about 6 hours. The rest of the group will drive on to Many Glacier Hotel and then hike the Peigan Pass Trail the opposite way until they meet the other hikers and all will hike back to the Hotel. Lodgings @ Many Glacier Hotel Lodge.

Tuesday, August 17th: All day hike. Stay @ Many Glacier Hotel.

Wednesday, August 18th: – All day hike. Stay @ Many Glacier Hotel.

Thursday, August 19th: All day hike. Stay @ Many Glacier Hotel

Friday, August 20th: Early start. Drive back thru park to Whitefish, MT. Team Party & Dinner. Stay in Whitefish @ the Chalet Motel / Double occupancy is around $100. Reserve your room now by calling the owner Dale @ 800-543-8064.

Saturday, August 21st: – Get an early start. Drive back to Spokane; some can take a late flight out (after 4pm). Others will stay at the Holiday Inn Express and fly home on Sunday, August 22nd.

Air Travel and Ground Transportation: You will need to be in Spokane by early evening on Friday night, August 13th. We will have a team orientation and gear check @ 7pm in the hotel. We will be getting an early start Saturday morning for our 5 hour drive to Glacier. We have a 15 passenger van reserved to accommodate our group. If we need to rent additional SUV’s we can do so. We encourage everyone to book your airfare as early as possible to ensure the best price and availability. The best airfares I have found as of December 2009 to Spokane round trip from various destinations:

San Francisco $275

Austin $230

Miami $390

NY $420

Equipment: Your equipment needs are pretty basic since we will not be backcountry camping. You will need what you normally bring for an alpine day hike which would include water, lunch, layered clothing and good hiking boots and poles. There will be more information on equipment over the next couple of months.

Estimated Expedition Costs: (Costs will vary based on your home city)

Airfare @ $300

Van @ $100

Gas @ $ 30

Hotels @ $630 (In and outside the park)

Food @ $300

Expedition Fee @ $200 (Due as a deposit upon committing to the expedition)

(Includes: promotional materials, literature, mailings,

Official Tee Shirts, calendar, etc_____________

Total @ $1,560

The above out of pocket cost does not include the following: equipment, lunch, tips, beverages and incidentals. You will need to make reservations at the Spokane and Whitefish hotels as per information in the Itinerary section above. You are eligible to recover part or all of the above total “hard costs”. See Below.

FUNDRAISING AND FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS: While PAF wishes to provide as much help as possible to each fund-raising participant, our 501(c)(3) educational service also is required to follow certain IRS guidelines regarding how many of your donated dollars can be used to help cover expenses. Here are the financial goals and guidelines you will need to meet in order to make the Glacier Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness a success:

Each participant is required to raise a minimum of $2,000 in contributions for PAF to participate. After this level is reached, any additional contributions are eligible for a rebate until you have reached the full amount of your “hard costs”. These hard costs include roundtrip airfare to Spokane from your home town, expedition fees, accommodations, transportation, food and supplies until the end of the expedition. “Hard Costs” do not include equipment cost, any “out of pocket” post climb R&R and any other incidental expenses. For each dollar you raise over and above the minimum requirement of $2000, 1/3 of each dollar raised after the minimum can be applied toward these documented hard costs. To participate for free, we estimate you will need to raise about $6500 to $7,000 in contributions. Please note: PAF reserves the right to ask new participants to furnish their credit card information, in the event a participant does not reach their fundraising minimum of $2,000 PAF can then obtain the balance by processing the card.


We have a fundraising flier that will aid you in your efforts. It is a two sided copy flier that describes the climb and its goals on one side and a list of incentive gifts at various different levels of donation on the other side. We will also provide a PAF tri-fold brochure to aid you in your efforts. A packet including other marketing materials, sample fundraising letters, copies of the PAF newsletter Prostate Self Help and other resources and tips will be mailed to you when you sign up and pay your deposit.


We will support you in your fundraising efforts by providing promotional literature, promotional premiums for contributors and helpful media awareness press releases tailored to your city and location. We will also help you with ideas to efficiently fundraise to assure your success. We feel there is more than adequate time for us to accomplish our individual goals. The time to start is now! If you would like some guidance, ideas and to learn how other climbers are reaching their goals, you can contact Ken Malik to arrange a phone meeting at 415-661-2691.


A provision has been made for significant others, and family member participation. If you have a spouse or “significant other”, father, brother, or sister who would like to participate, the minimum fundraising requirement for a two person team will be $2,500. Once this level is reached, you are entitled to claim a rebate for the “hard costs” just like individual fund raisers. All teams must be reviewed and approved by the PAF expedition review board.


The PAF Climb Committee will review and sign-off on each potential participant to retain the integrity of the expedition. We are trying to put an emphasis on men with prostate cancer and their families. However, the expedition is not limited to that profile. First priority will be given to men with prostate cancer. The second criteria will be a family member with the disease. We also welcome socially conscious individuals and health professionals who want to participate.


PAF will keep a full and fair accounting of all incoming donations by mail and at the website. We will generate reports to each climber as to the status of their fundraising efforts. Remember, the more money you raise, the less expensive your personal costs for the trip become if you choose to take a rebate on your “hard costs”. All contributions should be made payable to PAF and are tax deductible.

IMPORTANT Please ask your donor to reference your name on the check memo line of the flier so we know which climber to credit.


PAF can accept either checks or credit card contributions. We do not have an “in-house credit card system. We use to manage credit card donations. You will be able to feature your picture and story at this site. Details will be provided when you commit to the expedition.


Picture & Story:

We need your photo by email along with a story about the reason you are climbing. You can visit our websites for ideas and to read what other climbers have written. We can help you edit your story. The important thing is that it comes from your heart. Please try to limit the story to no more than 300 words. Your story and picture will be placed on the website at PLEASE WORK ON THIS NOW SO WE CAN PLACE YOU ON THE WEBSITE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

WEB-SITE: We will have these details and other Glacier Cancer Climb & Trek for Prostate Awareness information posted on the web-site.

To Reserve Your Place On The Expedition:

1) Contact Ken Malik at 415-661-2691 at PAF headquarters in San Francisco, for a short phone interview and to have any questions you may have answered. Ken will then present you to the Climb Committee for final approval.

2) Once you are formally accepted as an expedition participant please make your deposit check of $200 (Due 2/1/10) payable to the Prostate Awareness Foundation and mail to:

3) A final payment of $100 to cover the cost of the Van rental will be due on 8/1


Attn: Ken Malik

2166 12th Ave

San Francisco, CA 94116

Please pass this information on to others who may be interested in the joining the expedition.