Ken Malik - Santa Rosa, CA

Ken Malik – Santa Rosa, CA

Prostate cancer seems to be affecting so many men my age these days. If it’s not prostate cancer then it’s the other prostate problem called BPH (a benign enlargement of the prostate that creates many problems). Unfortunately, I have both conditions. I just entered my 18th year of living with prostate cancer; my BPH has been a growing problem for about 10 years now. But I have been fortunate.  I caught my prostate cancer very early and with the life style changes I’ve adopted I’ve been able to stall disease progression and avoid aggressive therapy. I think it’s incredibly important that organizations like the PAF continue to offer men free, patient driven information about prostate health that’s one reason I’m still climbing mountains at the ripe old age of 68.

Part of my personal prostate cancer protocol is staying in top physical condition. The latest research indicates that men who have the most consistent exercise programs seem to have the least prostate cancer disease progression. I have participated in all of the past expeditions, sometimes I’ve made it to the top of the mountain and sometimes I haven’t but they have all been personally gratifying expeditions. Along the way I’ve learned it’s the journey not the destination that is important.

The journey began for me and the PAF back in 1995. At that time there was very little information about how to take a proactive approach to prostate health using proper nutrition, exercise, stress management and supplements. The Prostate Awareness Foundation is filling that void. I am proud to have the opportunity to participate in this year’s expedition. Please help make our expedition a success by contributing in my behalf.  Your generous support is tax deductible and will help the PAF reach more men and their families with valuable prostate health information.

Ken Malik is the co-founder and executive director of the Prostate Awareness Foundation, He is the team leader of this year’s expedition.

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David Leinbach - Oakland, CA

David Leinbach – Oakland, CA

This is my first “climb” with the Prostate Awareness Foundation. I’m looking forward to it on a number of levels. First, it’s for a very worthy cause and I’m happy to be part of a team effort to raise funding for outreach and education programs for men in need. I’ve known Ken Malik, the expedition leader for a number of years and have great respect for him and the foundation and the help and guidance they offer as a free service.

Secondly, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1999 and underwent radiation treatment at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. I was unaware at that time that prostate cancer recurs after treatment as often as 40-50% of the time. Such is the case with me, with a relapse about 3 years ago. My PSA is low and has been steady for about 2 years. I’m keeping a close eye on my PSA level as I try and decide what my next step will be.

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Rick Mohovich  - Upper Saddle River, NJ

Rick Mohovich – Upper Saddle River, NJ

I’ve been dealing with prostate cancer for sixteen years now.  I began with a program of active surveillance, graduated to a radical prostatectomy as my PSA began to climb, when that failed I had a full round of radiation. My journey has brought me all over the United States to see some of the most renowned prostate specialists available. My family has been so supportive through all of this.

I have now been on nine Cancer Climbs & Treks for Prostate Awareness and they have all been memorable experiences. I’ve been in so many incredible places I never would have visited. Training for and participating in these expeditions has been a great way to stay in shape, one of the key components of stalling disease progression.

For this year’s expedition I look forward to learning the latest prostate health tips and an opportunity to support the PAF. I’m also looking forward to seeing old climbing friends and meeting new ones.

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Tom Lennon - San Francisco, CA

Tom Lennon – San Francisco, CA

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 years ago at the age of 57. I had had some prostate problems prior to my diagnosis, but have to say that being told I had prostate cancer was a shock. Fortunately it is early stage cancer and I have been able to avoid aggressive treatment at this point by adopting a number of pro-active strategies, some of them from the Prostate Awareness Foundation here in San Francisco. I get tested regularly to make sure I am not getting myself into trouble and I’m happy to say my problem has not progressed at this point. I have been attending PAF support group meetings since my diagnosis. I am currently in the UCSF Medical Center Watchful Waiting program and have had no conventional treatment.

I had a truly great experience on Mt Shasta last year when I participated in my first Cancer Climb and Trek for Prostate Awareness. I am really excited about participating again this year.

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Shana Malik - Manchester, NH

Shana Malik – Manchester, NH

In support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PAF), I am proud to announce that I will be joining a wonderful group of adventurous people – all whose lives have somehow been impacted by prostate cancer – in this year’s expedition to Asungate & Huayna Picchu, Peru. Besides having the opportunity to climb and trek around the Camino del Apu Asungate leading us through beautiful countryside, scenic views and high altitudes, this is all for a great cause.  The goal of the climb and the PAF in general, is to raise money for education and outreach programs that help men and their families with a proactive approach to prostate health. Our objective is to inspire men and their loved ones with a message of hope and the knowledge that there can be a rich and rewarding life after a cancer diagnosis. 

While I am very happy to say that it is likely crampons and ice axes will not be a major part of this year’s expedition, the climb will certainly require a great deal of training, teamwork, endurance and of course, a sense of humor.  In preparation, my training will include numerous hikes throughout New Hampshire’s trails, biking, running, basketball, volleyball and strength training.

I decided to get involved with the PAF’s annual fund raising event several years ago when I had learned that my uncle, Ken Malik (who also founded the PAF), was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He is currently healthy and he has not progressed over the past 18 years. He’s done this by instituting major life changes – from a strict diet and exercise program to constant stress management – to help stay that way.  Seeing his spirit and positive attitude, I know that it is possible to live a long energetic and spirited life after being diagnosed.

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Joseph Burke - Paris, France

Joseph Burke – Paris, France

I am participating in this year’s Cancer Climb and Trek for Prostate Awareness fundraising expedition to the Peruvian Andes from August 10th to the 22nd.  We will be climbing at altitudes between 16,000’ and 17,000’.  I’m participating because I believe it is imperative to help get the message out that men can take a pro-active approach when it comes to their prostate health.

The Prostate Awareness Foundation was founded by a hiking buddy of mine, Ken Malik in 1995 after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 50. He was concerned about the treatment options offered to him by conventional medical professionals and felt a strong need to begin research on an integrative approach to handling the disease.

It is now recognized that diet, exercise, stress management and a positive mental outlook can have a large bearing on the the path the disease takes. The PAF has been at the forefront of this sane approach to dealing with prostate health. The PAF offers guidance, information to men and their families dealing with prostate health issues. All of their services are provided free of charge. All of the PAF’s funding comes from generous donations from people like yourself and socially aware companies. These mountain climbing events are their primary revenue source

Please help me help this important endeavor. You can click on my fundraising website address below and follow the prompts to donate by credit card or you can mail your tax deductible check directly to the PAF at PO Box # 2934, Santa Rosa, CA, 95409.  Please be sure to write my name on the memo portion of your check. Or donate by card online at:

Erdem Tamguney - Bonn, Germany

Erdem Tamguney – Bonn, Germany

I am a biochemist and I have dedicated my life to the advancement of human health. I have research publications on cancer and currently run a lab on neuro-degeneration research in Bonn, Germany. When I was 17 I came to live as an exchange student from Germany with Bruce Hestad and his family in Watertown, South Dakota.

Many years later when I visited for Thanksgiving, Bruce told me about his prostate cancer and that he was going to participate in a climb of Mt Kilimanjaro as a fundraiser for prostate cancer. Out of solidarity I, too, participated in this fundraising effort and in the process met Ken Malik, the director of PAF and a prostate cancer veteran himself.

Over the past ten years I have served as an advisor to the PAF and made many friends on the other prostate cancer climbs I have participated in. I believe that the PAF does important work in providing information about prostate cancer and mental support for men and their families that are affected with this terrible disease. I want to support the PAF by participating yet again in this year’s fundraiser and climb to fight prostate cancer.

Please donate in my name and support me in my effort to support the PAF. You can make your tax deductible donation by credit card by visiting my site at

Thank you in advance for your contribution for this worthy cause.


Ed Rael - San Jose, CA

Ed Rael – San Jose, CA

This will be my second Cancer Climb & Trek for Prostate Awareness. I love these kinds of challenges, and I’m determined to make it to the summits of multiple peaks in the Andes. I’ve never been above 13,000’ so tackling heights of over 16,000’ in Peru is both scary and exciting at the same time.

This is a chance for me to honor my brother who died from cancer and my many friends dealing with prostate problems. I know this will be a particularly challenging expedition for me as I recently broke some ribs and punctured a lung while bike riding. But I do feel confident I will heal quickly and get back to my training program so I can participate. 

I think it is great that the PAF provides men with patient driven, proactive information about prostate issues and that their services and information is absolutely free to those in need. Won’t you support my efforts with a generous, tax deductible contribution so the PAF can continue its good work?

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Bill & Sally Gauditz - Denver, CO

Bill & Sally Gauditz – Denver, CO

We have been long time supporters and participants in the Cancer Climb & Trek for Prostate Awareness expeditions conducted by the PAF. We believe that knowledge and information is crucial in the prevention and treatment of this epidemic disease, and PAF provides this important service to men and their families free of charge. This information is designed to help men live a healthy lifestyle and take a proactive approach to prostate health. The PAF informative website, support groups and cancer climbs provide help, hope and inspiration to men all over. These climbs provide crucially need funds to continue these much needed services.

Won’t you please support our efforts with a generous, tax deductible contribution? Thank you in advance for your support. You can donate by credit card by visiting