Ken Malik San Francisco, CA
This will be my 8th Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness. I have been on every one of the “Climbs” so far. I will be sixty four years old when the expedition begins in June. I feel fortunate I am still in good enough shape to participate. I think the healthy life style I have adopted to keep my cancer at bay will have a lot to do with my ability to reach the summit of Mt Cotopaxi.

I am hoping for three things. First, that my aging body holds up to the rigors of another climb. Second, that our expedition will once again send an inspirational message to men and their families that there is an exciting life possible after a prostate cancer diagnosis. Finally, that the expedition will raise enough contributions to sustain the Prostate Awareness Foundation for another year.

I am in my fourteenth year since being diagnosed with prostate cancer. I have never had any conventional treatment! Fortunately, my cancer was diagnosed early and with strict lifestyle changes it has not progressed. These changes include a strict low fat, non-dairy vegetarian type diet (I do eat some fish), meditation practice for stress reduction, regular exercise and the use of a number of nutritional supplements. Of course, I continue to be checked regularly with the best diagnostic tools available. I am a lucky man. With a great partner Gail and the healthy lifestyle measures I have adopted, I am able to live a normal, active life and even participate in the rigors of high altitude mountain climbing.

I helped found the Prostate Awareness Foundation back in 1995. Our goal is to encourage men to take proactive responsibility for prevention, regular checkups and their prostate health. I am proud to have the opportunity to participate in this year’s expedition. Please help make our expedition a success by contributing in my behalf. Your generous support is tax deductible.

Ken Malik is the co-founder and executive director of the Prostate Awareness Foundation and also a businessman in San Francisco. He is one of the team leaders of this year’s expedition.
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Tom Hyde Miami, Florida
I’ve participated in most of the other climbs and I’m proud to be part of this year’s Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness expedition to Mt Cotopaxi. I look forward to the challenge.

I feel very strongly about the need to educate men about this epidemic cancer. So many of my friends and associates have prostate cancer and my father in law had the disease before passing away from a stroke. It seems like there are very few families these days are not touched by the cancer epidemic. I hope our efforts will not only raise critically needed funding, but also send a message of hope to men and their families all over.

We need to do a better job educating men about early detection, treatment options and preventative measures. That’s why we need to support organizations like PAF. We need your help and generous contributions to sustain our outreach efforts. You can use your credit card to make a tax deductible contribution on my behalf send a check made out to PAF. Thanks for your support. Your contribution is tax deductible.

Tom Hyde is the expeditions medical support leader and also one of the expeditions leaders. Tom is a retired chiropractor, ex-marine and is on the board of directors of PAF. He was the sports chiropractor for the Miami Dolphins, University of Miami, Pan American Games and World Olympic Association.
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Ralph Lake Austin, Texas
I can’t believe this will be my 7th Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness. These climbs are a great way to spread the message. It seems like no family these days goes untouched by cancer. My father and four uncles were diagnosed with cancer and most recently two good friends were told they have prostate cancer. It seems like there’s an epidemic going on.

My old high school classmate Ken Malik and I became reacquainted a few year’s ago and he has really given me an education about prostate cancer. As a retiree, I don’t want to become another statistic. With my newfound awareness about the disease, I am taking positive, proactive action to maximize my health. Awareness and personal action are key elements to prevention, early detection, and the early treatments that save lives.

I’m looking forward to this year’s climb and our return to South America. I had never considered myself a mountain climber but I’m in pretty good shape and this is a great way of giving something back while learning more about how to prevent prostate cancer. I’m up for the challenge and hope you will support my efforts.

Ralph Lake is a retired engineer and resides in Austin, Texas. He is on the board of directors of the Prostate Awareness Foundation. Ralph is an avid fisherman and has been an outdoorsman all his life.
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John Loesing Thousand Oaks, CA
As the number of males over 50 rapidly increases, so will the instances of prostate cancer. It’s my hope that the Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness will help increase men’s awareness about the disease, which currently strikes one out of six men. It is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, second only to lung cancer.

Cotopaxi will be my fourth cancer climb. I was on the inaugural expedition to Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina in 2001. I also reached the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2003 and Mont Blanc in 2007. We’re very proud of the goals we’ve reached.

My mother passed away at 78 from lung cancer and my father at the same age while battling prostate cancer. I know I have a higher risk factor for contacting the disease, which is why I began receiving an annual PSA test by the time I was 40.

As a journalist, I look forward to being this year’s communication manager for the Ecuador team and distributing the stories about our accomplishments to the rest of the world. Our climbers, especially those with prostate cancer, are living proof that prostate cancer does not have to be a death knell. Each climb builds a mountain of hope.
John Loesing is a journalist working in Southern California. He leads an active, outdoor lifestyle that includes hiking and surfing weekly.

Darryl Loewen Abbotsford, British Columbia
I have joined this year’s Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness expedition to Mt Cotopaxi for a few reasons; first and foremost to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer has reached epidemic proportions in Canada just like in the United States and Europe.

Secondly I grew up watching another type of disease create havoc in my father’s body and due to today’s modern day science he was given a second chance at life. I know how important it is to have good resources to continue to research and provide better ways to find cures for life threatening illnesses.
Thirdly, my grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer before he died. I’d like to honor him by my participation on the expedition. I’d also like to learn if there are ways I can prevent myself from having prostate problems if at all possible.

I view the climb as a real personal challenge. Doing a technical climb at high altitude is something that I have never had the opportunity to be a part of. I know the expedition will be a real test of my stamina and physical fitness but I will give it my very best.

I enjoy the freedom that comes with being in the outdoors and understand that when dealing with nature all senses need to be alert. I look forward to working as a team, learning more about prostate health and creating memories along with relationships that will last a lifetime, all for a great cause! Thank you for your generous support of my efforts.
Darryl leads an active outdoor life in British Columbia. His interests include: hiking, biking and kayaking. He is the marketing and sales manager for Accent Manufacturing.
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Shana Malik Staten Island, New York
This will be my Second Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness. It will be a real challenge as I’ll be doing a technical climb on the ice and snow which I’ve never done before. Training and teamwork will be the key to our expeditions success. I am an avid volleyball player, run several miles each week and played rugby in college. So I am up for this new and exciting challenge in the Andes.

I am truly honored to have been invited to join the team. Prostate cancer awareness is of particular interest to me because my uncle, Ken Malik, was diagnosed with prostate cancer fourteen years ago. With strict changes to his diet, increased levels of exercise and constant management of stress, he has remained healthy. I know that it is possible to live a long energetic and spirited life after being diagnosed. I hope this expedition will inspire men and their families to educate themselves about prostate cancer, get regular check-ups and know that there are natural methods of treatment available.

Please provide your support and enthusiasm for our June expedition to Mt Cotopaxi. All donations are tax deductible.

Shana Malik is a resident of Staten Island, New York and works for a global advertising agency in Manhattan.
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Doug Menelly Shenzhen, China – New York, NY
I am climbing for my father, and families of those with PC. I have been involved with the prostate cancer climb project since 2001. I was on the team of climbers that tackled Mt Aconcagua in 2001, Mt Kilimanjaro in 2003, and I was an expedition leader for El Misti in the Peruvian Andes in 2005. This year, I will be climbing in honor of my father Mario, a prostate cancer activist who passed away in 2004 from prostate cancer.

My father, Mario Menelly was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the premature age of 43. He had a PSA of 100 and a Gleason score of 9 out of a possible ten. He was told he had an aneuploid tumor, the worst kind. He was also told that his condition should be considered terminal! After exploring a number of conventional treatment options that did not offer much hope for survival he opted for an alternative therapy. This protocol included organic foods, vegetable juices, regular coffee enemas, regular injections of selenium and a number of supplements. He eliminated sugar, caffeine, meat and white flour from his diet and received regular vitamin infusions. He beat the odds and lived for a wonderful seven years after diagnosis.

During this time he helped countless men with prostate cancer as they journeyed down this troubled road. He regularly spoke at prostate support groups spreading the knowledge of what he had learned and his successful experience with alternative therapies.

Our family was fortunate to be able to spend so much quality time with my dad before he passed away. Our tight family bonds grew even stronger. We strive to help other families by writing a book about Mario’s prostate cancer journey that will include many of his journal entries.

I am excited about this year’s expedition and have an opportunity to carry on my father’s legacy. I know his spirit will guide me. I appreciate your support and generous contribution to our efforts.

Douglas Menelly is on the board of directors of PAF, and served as an Expedition Leader and Sponsorship Director for the El Misti and Kilimanjaro expeditions, soliciting equipment from leading manufactures of outdoor gear.
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Richard Mohovich Upper Saddle River, NJ
Lynette Mohovich Fraser Burnsville, MN
This will be Ricks 5th climb for Prostate Cancer and the 2nd for Lynette.
We are grateful for your continued support. This will be a serious challenge for all of us. None of us have done technical climbing on the ice and snow before. We’re apprehensive but we’ve been training hard and feel up to the challenge.

We all know people who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and we are fortunate to say they are all alive today. Rick is a long time veteran of prostate cancer. He was diagnosed at an early stage of the disease. He feels fortunate to have access to some of the best treatment available from the top prostate cancer specialists in the United States. Early detection is important with any cancer but is crucial with prostate cancer.

We really appreciate your support. Your generous contribution is tax deductible and can be made either by check or credit card. Your donation will be used for ongoing outreach and education programs.

Richard is an Ebay entrepreneur.
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Lynette is an airline pilot, who also donates a lot of time to the local Humane Society and Habitat for Humanity.

Brad Neal Austin, TX
I can’t believe this will be my sixth Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness. I never intended to be a mountain climber but I’ve been to Mt Kilimanjaro, Yosemite, The Peruvian Andes and Swiss Alps to raise money for outreach and education about this epidemic affliction. When I decided on the first expedition to Africa it was in honor of my father Pat, a prostate survivor of over 16 years; just days before our departure my older brother Tim was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Tim died this past September at the young age of 58. He dealt with his cancer the same way he lived his life, with tremendous courage, humor and a very strong faith in God.

When we climbed in the Peruvian Andes several years ago a few of my toes froze and I still don’t have full feeling back yet. Some of my friends think I’m crazy to continue my climbing efforts, they may be right. But this year’s climb in The Ecuadorian Andes has been dedicated to my brother. It is the Tim Neal Tribute Expedition. It was Tim’s wish that I take his ashes to the top of our next climb and that is what I will do.

I will continue to help the “cause” while honoring my father and brother. While Tim accepted his fate with great resolve I want to do everything possible to prevent others from losing a friend, a father, a son or family member.

Brad is a mortgage broker and lives with his wife Theresa and daughter Sadie in Austin.
Brad conducts an annual golf tournament called the Bone Invitational to raise money for PAF.

Darren Paul Agassiz, British Columbia
My grandfather died from prostate cancer and close family friends have been recently diagnosed as well. My father (my hero) has dealt with brain cancer for the past 15 years and recently had a kidney removed due to cancer. He is a survivor and he proves that the fight against cancer can be won.

I’ve seen the devastating effects cancer has had on families in my practice. But I’ve also seen what happens when early detection and preventative measures are taken. With new research findings and improving technologies, it is a war that we will inevitably win. I hope that through our efforts, our expedition will increase awareness of prostate cancer. Our main objective is to raise money for research for the prevention, treatment and cure of prostate cancer through education and advocacy. Also, it will allow the prostate cancer survivors on our team to participate in a high mountain adventure.

I look forward to the excitement of being high up in the mountains. It brings me a sense of freedom that I can’t seem to get anywhere else. From my past experience at a high altitude, I know the climb will take a maximum amount of my energy to reach the summit. But the exhilaration that comes with the hard work when finally reaching the mountain top is something everyone should have the opportunity to experience.

Darren is a chiropractor practicing in British Columbia. He loves the outdoors and is active in many sporting activities. He successfully reached the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro on the 2003 Prostate Cancer Climb.
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Steve Swindell Hingham, MA
My reasons for climbing Mt. Cotopaxi start with the mission of the Prostate Awareness Foundation, which is to educate men how to take a proactive approach to dealing with prostate cancer via exercise, proper diet, stress reduction and a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with conventional medicine. My awareness level of prostate cancer was raised significantly in the spring of 1993, when both my father and father-in-law were diagnosed with the disease. Since that time, they have both altered their lives significantly and serve as positive role models for survival. Through an extended assortment of medical procedures and treatments, supplemented with a variety of dietary and lifestyle changes, both men are alive and well. Not all have been so lucky, as I have seen friends lose fathers, brothers and relatives in recent years. Our goal is first and foremost to raise money to educate men, and their families, on how to beat this deadly foe.

It is appropriate in this process that we work together as a community and as a team to challenge ourselves to do more to overcome our fears, and to seize the opportunity of life. Climbing a mountain involves peak physical conditioning, focus, courage, teamwork, safety, patience and dedication to achieving our goals. Being in the high mountains allows one to separate from the (common)workplace, from the frenetic pace of existence, from the continuous barrage of medium messages and advertising, and to enjoy the communion with nature and the surrounding cultures. I look forward to returning to the Andes for this challenge and to rejoin this special brotherhood sharing in our common mission. You can support this cause with a donation and join us in serving the prostate cancer community in the pursuit of healthier living, happiness and overcoming this challenging illness.

Steve is an avid mountain biker and telemark skier, and was a member of the successful El Misti climb in Peru in 2005.
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