Cancer Climbs For Prostate Awareness

The Objective: To raise funding for education and outreach programs and inspire men with hope

In August and September of 2008, two teams of prostate cancer veterans, their family members and supporters will be raising awareness about the prostate cancer epidemic by being part of mountain climbing expeditions here in the United States and in Africa. These expeditions have two primary objectives: 1) raise critically needed funding for education and outreach programs, 2) inspire men and their families with a message of hope. Prostate cancer will affect one in five families in the United States and has reached epidemic proportions.

This is the 7th year for these “Prostate Cancer Climbs”. Prior climbs have raised over $400,000 USD for prostate cancer awareness and education programs. The first expedition in 2001, known as the Hap Weyman Memorial Prostate Cancer Awareness Project, climbed Mt Aconcagua in the Argentine Andes and was spearheaded by Dr Terry Weyman. Since then, annual climbs have included Mt Kilimanjaro, Yosemite, the Colorado Rockies, Mt Blanc in the French Alps and El Misti in the Peruvian Andes. The 2008 expeditions will be revisiting Kilimanjaro and the Yosemite High Country.

The Prostate Awareness Foundation, the non-profit organization that sponsors these expeditions provides men and their families with information about available treatment options both conventional and alternative. It also offers guidance about preventative measures, nutritional support and stress management techniques. The object is to help men and their families take a proactive approach to good prostate health. You can get more information about the foundation at or by calling 415-675-5661.

Ken Malik who is the operations manager for both expeditions is also the co-founder of PAF and a thirteen-year veteran of prostate cancer. Ken says “This year’s expeditions will send a message to men and their families dealing with prostate cancer that there can be a rich and rewarding life after diagnosis.” You can contact Ken Malik at for information about how you can participate.