Prostate Self Help
Monthly Bulletin
October 2008

Free Nutrition Classes and Lectures at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco:
Sign up for regularly scheduled classes on prostate cancer and nutrition by calling 415-885-3693. Upcoming lectures include: Nutrition & Phytonutrients, Wednesday, October 8th from 4-6pm.

Return to Mt Kilimanjaro, PAF’s latest Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness is taking place in Tanzania, Africa:

Eight health professionals and prostate cancer veterans are summiting Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa at 19,341′ on Monday, September 22nd. Their mission is to raise awareness about prostate health issues and to inspire men and their families with prostate cancer. Please join with us in wishing the expedition a safe and successful journey. September is National Prostate Awareness Month.

Optimal Health Institute:
As we know, it’s not easy making lifestyle changes. If you’d like to make changes but find it difficult, heres a possible solution: The Optimal Health Institute. The institute offers live in classes and workshops on detoxification, meditation and the use of whole raw foods. They have two locations, one in San Diego the second in Austin, TX. You can visit their website at

Breakthrough Immune Booster Discovered at University of California, Berkeley:
Recent information published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (8/12/07) indicates that consumption of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower reduces the risk of aggressive prostate cancer by up to 52%.

The principal anti-cancer compound in these vegetables has been isolated at UC Berkeley. The substance is called DIM (diindolylmethane). DIM has been shown to promote apoptosis (programmed cell death) while enhancing the immune system. DIM also has potent anti-androgenic properties. UC Berkeley has licensed this formula to a company called ActivaMune ( You can order this product by calling 877-777-0719. The University has earmarked a portion of the profits from the sale of this supplement for ongoing prostate cancer research. You can learn more about this substance by visiting

Do Natural Remedies Really Work?
We’ve known for a long time that what works for one individual does not necessarily work for the next. Now there is a website called that is a conduit for information posted by people from all over the world about their personal experiences with these substances. You can explore the site according to treatment, remedy and ingredients or simply browse its subjects from A-Z. This is a participatory site where you can find out from people all over the world what has worked or not worked for them. You can also post information based on your own personal experiences. Check it out!

Recap of September’s Annual Prostate Cancer Conference:
We attended all the lectures at this year’s conference. As usual there was lots of exciting new information presented. We will be reviewing much of this important information at our November support group meeting. Mark your calendar now for Thursday, November 6th to learn about the latest developments.

A New Clinical Trial Now Open For Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients:
Duke Bahn, MD and Mark Scholz, MD are recruiting candidates for a clinical trial to investigate the use of a combination approach for advanced prostate cancer. The protocol includes cryoabolation (cryosurgery) along with the immunotherapy agent VDC2008. Preliminary trials have been ongoing outside the United States and clearence has been given by the FDA to conduct this trial in Southern California. Candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria: have known prostate cancer with metastasis, no radical prostatectomy, no prior chemotherapy and refactory (no longer reacting) to ADT treatment. For more information contact Dana at Dr Bahn’s offices @ 888-234-0004

2166 12th Avenue, S.F. CA. 94116