“The Impact Program and How It Helps Men with Prostate Cancer” Rick Edmiston, MPH

NEXT MEETING: Monday, October 3, 2005
Ft Mason Center
San Francisco, CA
7pm – 9pm

“The Impact Program and How It Helps
Men with Prostate Cancer”
Rick Edmiston, MPH
Northern California Education & Program Coordinator

Join us for an informative round table discuss of the IMPACT program. IMPACT’s mission is to provide high quality FREE prostate cancer treatment to men with little or no health insurance. Find out how the IMPACT can be of assistance to you. Significant others, friends and loved ones are welcome.

Luekine: Also known as Sargramostim is an immunotherapy agent that is showing great promise in the fight against advanced prostate cancer. We will be featuring a short DVD lecture about Leukine that was presented by Charles Myers, MD at this year’s National Conference on Prostate Cancer. Many of us have been watching the development of immunotherapy for some time now. Sorry to say, Provenge and other dendritic cell stimulants are still in clinical trial and not available to the public. Leukine has been approved by the FDA and is available NOW!
National Conference on Prostate Cancer 2005 Lecture Series: This recent 3 day conference featured lectures by some of the most prominent prostate cancer specialists and researchers in the U.S. You can acquire the individual lectures or the full series from JM Stamp Company. Call 909-860-7787 for a list of the series and cost.

Harold Kristal: We’re sad to announce that Dr Kristal passed away last month. He was a good man and will be sorely missed. Dr Kristal was a member of the PAF medical advisory board and lectured regularly to our support group about nutrition and cancer. The Metabolic Nutrition clinic in San Rafael that he established, continues his work.