Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness – 19,101′ El Misti


In August of this year, prostate cancer veterans, family members and supporters from all over the United States, Latin America and Europe will converge on the high Andes of Peru to climb El Misti, a 19,101′ semi-active volcano. Their goal is to reach the summit, to raise critically needed funding for education and outreach programs, and to inspire men and their families with a message of hope. Prostate cancer will affect one in five families in the United States and has reached epidemic proportions.

Prior climbs have raised over $300,000 USD for prostate cancer awareness and education programs. The first expedition in 2000 climbed Mt Aconcagua in the Argentine Andes, the highest mountain in South America. In 2003, the project climbed 19,341′ Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. Last year’s Cancer Climb for Prostate Awareness climbed three mountains in California’s Yosemite National Park.

The Prostate Awareness Foundation, the non-profit organization sponsoring this year’s expedition, provides men and their families information about treatment options available, both conventional and alternative. It also offers guidance about prevention and nutritional measures for good prostate health. PAF encourages men to take a proactive approach to dealing with prostate cancer. The website is

Ken Malik, one of this year’s expedition leaders, a co-founder of PAF and ten year veteran of prostate cancer, wants to include men from Latin America and internationally on this year’s climb of El Misti. He says, “This is not a technical climb and can be accomplished by people of all ages, if they are in shape. We would really like to include our international brothers with prostate cancer and also health professionals that have an interest in prostate health. We can learn a lot from each other about prevention and treatment.”

The expedition will be arriving in La Paz, Bolivia on August 4th to acclimatize for the climb by hiking at Lake Titicaca one of the highest lakes in the world at over 13,000′. They will then travel to Arequipa, Peru on August 8th for the four-day summit attempt. Some of the expedition members will then visit Machu Picchu before returning home. Malik says, “Any funds raised by our international brothers can be used for building awareness and education in their own countries.” Please contact Ken Malik at for details and how you can participate.