Personalized Metabolic Nutrition Supports Prostate Cancer Climb Expedition To Mt Kilimanjaro

San Rafael, CA – Four members of the Prostate Awareness Foundation who are participating in this year’s Prostate Cancer Climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania are eating according to their Metabolic Type to optimize their performance. Dr. Harold J. Kristal, a pioneer in the field of Metabolic Nutrition, says that “we tested these four participants to determine their Metabolic Type, and then gave them the dietary guidelines for their specific type. The climbers can expect to optimize performance with increased nutrient utilization from the foods they eat, along with increased and more consistent energy”. At high altitudes the climbers will burn over 7-8,000 calories per day, roughly three times the normal caloric burn at sea level.

Metabolic Typing is based on the observation that there are two primary physiological systems in the body that control the metabolism: the Oxidative and the Autonomic Systems. The Metabolic Typing protocol is used to determine which of these two systems is most dominant in an individual’s metabolism. Kristal, co-author of the book The Nutrition Solution: A Guide to Your Metabolic Type, notes that “by identifying an individual’s Metabolic Type, we are able to direct them to the foods that work best for their particular metabolism. This is particularly important for these mountain climbers who are severely challenging their physiological limits. We see many prostate cancer patients in our clinic. By testing them and offering them nutritional upgrades, we are able to give them a better chance for optimal health. We are proud to do our part to help the expedition achieve its goal”.

The Prostate Cancer Climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain in Africa, at 19,341 feet) will coincide with National Prostate Awareness Month in September. The goal is to raise one million dollars for prostate cancer awareness and education. Ken Malik, the co-founder of the Prostate Awareness Foundation (, says that “the climb will focus men and their loved ones on the need to learn more about preventative measures, early detection, treatment options, and the proactive measures available to ensure prostate health”. Malik also says “we appreciate the help of companies like Personalized Metabolic Nutrition and their socially conscious support of our efforts. I have personally used Metabolic Typing to aid me in reversing my prostate cancer. By eating the proper foods for my Metabolic Type, I have been able to balance my blood pH (which, ideally, should be 7.46) and take better advantage of the proper foods and supplements for my prostate cancer healing. A recent biopsy confirms I no longer have the disease”.

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