Do you have BPH?
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The Prostate Awareness Foundation is recruiting thirty men for a six month study/trial of a Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formula called ProstaPhase for the control of BPH symptoms in men.

BPH is the abbreviation for a condition called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia that affects many men over the age of 40, and the majority of men by 70. The condition does not lead to prostate cancer but many men with prostate cancer also have BPH. Symptoms can include frequent and urgent urination especially at night, the sensation of not completely voiding the bladder, weak urinary stream and the need to urinate again soon after having done so. (See the BPH questionnaire developed by the American Urologic Association to determine your level of BPH) There are a number of pharmaceutical drugs available for this condition, as well as a multitude of supplements on the market claiming to offer relief for this condition. Surgical intervention in advanced cases can be an option for symptom relief. ProstaPhase is a sophisticated advanced herbal formula designed to support and improve prostate health function.

The Prostate Awareness Foundation (PAF) a not for profit 501(c)(3) based in Northern California plans a study/trial on the ProstaPhase formula to see if it provides relief for BPH symptoms. The PAF is in the process of recruiting thirty men with BPH for a six month study/trial of the formula. Tango Advanced Nutrition will provide ProstaPhase free of charge to men in the study/trial. Based in San Francisco, TAN has a solid reputation for its good business practices and ethics. If you have BPH and would like to be considered for this evaluation please contact Ken Malik at the Prostate Awareness Foundation at 415-675-5661 or send an email to
You can visit The Tango Advanced Nutrition website at for more information about the company and ProstaPhase.

For Prospective Participants:
Review these four documents before you apply
1. TAN Press Release – ProstaPhase – Study-Trial 07-30-15
2. TAN ProstaPhase StudyTrial Participant Overview
3. Tango Advanced Nutrition (TAN)Company Info
4. TAN ProstaPhase Product Information 06-03-15

Fill out these three forms and return them to Ken Malik at
1. TAN – BPH Symptom Questionaire 05-24-15
2. TAN Pre Study Participant Personal History Profile 05-28-15

Once you are approved for the study you’ll be given an initial supply of ProstaPhase with directions for use and a diary to be filled out weekly.
TAN ProstaPhase Directions for Use
TAN ProstaPhase Weekly Progress Diary