The Prostate Awareness Foundation (PAF) offers information, support, and education about the treatment options available to those with prostate concerns. The object is to lessen the trauma, impact, problems, and depression associated with the disease and to encourage proactive responsibility for one’s own healing. We also offer information to those who wish to take a preventative approach to the disease. Based in Santa Rosa, CA, we have been providing this service, nationwide since 1995.

PAF is different and unique in its approach to preventing and healing prostate cancer through its emphasis on diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and stress reduction techniques. We believe in an integrative medical approach combining the best protocols from conventional and alternative medicine, giving men the opportunity to choose wisely and be proactive in their healing. Our information is offered in three ways: a mentor program, blogs and newsletters, and discussion & support group meetings.

Meet Ken Malik

Ken Malik is the founder and executive director of the Prostate Awareness Foundation. He is a 21-year veteran of prostate cancer. His illness has not progressed, nor has he undergone conventional therapy. He uses the PAF formula for good prostate health, including a strict low fat non-dairy diet, regular exercise, stress management techniques and a zest for life.

Click here for Ken’s primer for the newly diagnosed: What’s A Man to Do?

Ken Malik
A recent Press Democrat article about Ken & the PAF:
Cancer diagnosis leads Santa Rosa man to new heights

Evaluation Recap

Camping, Hiking and Biking

Clinical studies indicate that those men dealing with prostate cancer who have a consistent exercise program have the slowest disease progression. Join us!

4th Annual Prostate Gathering, 2018
Come with us to King’s Canyon!
Outdoor Recipes for Camp & Trail

Cancer Climb & Trek for Prostate Awareness

Free Fallin’ Skydive for Prostate Awareness

Saturday, June 16
Cloverdale Municipal Airport

BBQ, Fun, & Games
Come cheer our divers on!