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January 2005 (San Francisco, CA)



    Ten members of the Prostate Awareness Foundation (PAF) with diagnosed prostate cancer recently underwent a three month trial of a Peruvian root known as maca to evaluate it’s effect.

    Maca root has a long history of usage in the high Andes of South America, both as a sexual and general endurance enhancer. Inca royalty once felt it was such a powerful botanical that it’s use was a privilege reserved for the nobility. Maca is a root in the radish family and only grows at elevations above 10,000’.

    Maca is once again gaining recognition among health professionals, especially in Latin America for its use as an endocrine modulator. Most literature available on the subject is in reference to the use of maca as an endocrine modulator for women dealing with menopausal problems. There have been no studies on the efficacy of maca for men dealing with prostate health concerns.

    The product for the Prostate Awareness Foundation trial was supplied free of charge, by Herbs America in Murphy, Oregon. They can be reached at 541-846-6222. 

    PAF decided to conduct this small anecdotal trial based on reports from members around the country that were reporting encouraging effects from maca. Specifically, some men on ADT therapy, a pharmaceutical blocking of the bodies ability to produce testosterone, which slows the growth of prostate cancer, who should not have a libido or erection were reporting full sexual function and sexual interest.



The goal of the anecdotal trial was to determine if the regular use of maca root extract would have an effect on PSA levels, libido, sexual function and the general endurance level in men with diagnosed prostate cancer. Included in the trial were men who had undergone or are currently undergoing a number of different treatment paths including:  radiation, ADT hormonal blockade treatment, radical surgical removal (prostatectomy) or are in various stages of watchful waiting while instituting dietary and lifestyle changes. .

Participants: 10 men with diagnosed prostate cancer


  • Have a PSA test prior to the start of the protocol, have testosterone levels also checked
  • Take a PSA test after the protocol is completed, have testosterone levels checked and recorded.
  • Compete a pre and post trial questionnaire
  • Supply list of current supplementation

Dosage: two tinctures of maca root extract in an alcohol base four times per day for ninety days.




Of the ten men beginning the trial, two discontinued use of the product before the completion of the ninety days and were not included in the below summary.

PSA Change:

It should be noted that there were no dramatic increases or decreases of PSA in the men reporting at the end of the trial.

                        2 rise in PSA *

                        5 lowering of PSA **

                        1 no change

* one of the two men stopped taking ADT therapy during the trial which is likely the reason for his increase in PSA.

** two of the five men reporting lower PSA levels began taking ADT therapy during the trial. This should be considered an unusual occurrence that merits further study.

Testosterone level changes:

Since the use of maca seemed to have a positive effect on the sexual energy of 75% of the men in the trial it is interesting to note that five out of eight men reported a decrease in their testosterone levels. We also know that the primary side effect of ADT therapy, since it is designed to chemically stop the body’s ability to produce testosterone, is a loss of libido. This did not seem to prove out in our trial! Nor did maca seem to raise testosterone levels for the majority of men.

                        2 increase in testosterone level*

                        5 decrease in testosterone level**

                        1 no change in testosterone level

* one of the two men stopped taking ADT therapy during the trial

** two of the five men began taking ADT during the trial

General Energy Level:

                        6 improvement

                        1 diminished*

                        1 no observable change

* participant began ADT therapy during trial and may have been impacted by this new therapy! Many men report a loss of general energy while undergoing ADT therapy.

Sexual Energy & Libido:

                        6 improved*

                        2 diminished*

* it should be noted that one participant who reported diminished sexual energy was the same person who began ADT therapy during the trial. It should also be noted that two of the reports of increased sexual energy were from men already on ADT therapy and who should not have had a libido!

Sexual Appetite (General Horniness):

                        6 improved

                        1 diminished

                        1 remained the same

Reported side effects:

Waking up with erection

Stronger and stiffer erection

Plan to continue use of product:

                        5 Yes

                        1  No

                        2  Undecided

Recommend product to friend or associate:

                        4 Yes

                        1 No

                        3 Undecided

Nocturnal urinary frequency: (improvement represents less frequent nocturnal visits)

                        1 improvement

                        1 more frequent nocturnal visits

                        6 remained the same

Mood and feeling of well-being:

                        6 improved

                        1 diminished

                        1 remained the same


Although the results are preliminary and the sample small, the initial results look promising and we feel merit further study. The product does not appear to have a profound effect on PSA levels, is relatively inexpensive and seems to enhance the sexual and general energy of a majority of men who take it.  Maca root extract can be ordered from Herbs America by calling 541-846-6222.


Prostate Awareness Foundation







The information contained in this report should not be considered medical advice. PAF does not prescribe or recommend specific supplements or treatment protocols. We offer you what we have learned over the years, as fellow prostate cancer veterans, with confidence that you can make your own choices